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Magnetic Exercise Bike Reviews – Best Of 2018 – 2019

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The best magnetic exercise bikes to get fit in 2017- 2018!

It’s a new year and for many it’s the time to make a change and make some resolutions. The Christmas eat-a-thon has been and gone and if your anything like me then you have two choices… Buy a new wardrobe to accommodate for the over indulgence or, make a vow to make 2017 your healthiest year yet and shed that excess weight.

I’ve decided to go with option two and since your reading this I’m going to assume you’ve made the same decision. To help you on your goal I decided to test 3 of the top magnetic exercise bikes on the market at the moment. Best rowing machine here!

Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 Review – Our Number 1

Pure FitnessThe first one we are looking at is the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800 (VIEW PRICE HERE!) so let’s take a look at some of the features of this product;

* 16 Resistance Levels – Build up from beginner to a seasoned pro.

* Flywheel: 7kg

* 12 workout programs – Plenty of variation to keep you challenged

* Computer Display – So you can see all the key data (HRM, Speed, Distance)

* Dimensions: Height: 143cm x Length: 109cm x Width: 55cm

* Maximum User Weight: 120kg / 264lbs / 18.8 Stone

* Warranty: 2-YearsPure Fitness

Straight of the bat this bike was very easy to get setup, from unboxed to ready to ride took all of 15 minutes. With the Pure Fitness you can setup 4 different individual users which worked out perfect for me as my partner could have ago without messing my settings up! This was also enhanced by the fact that you can make easy adjustments so you get the ideal fit. Something I noticed was that I seem to have uneven floors where I got this setup and luckily there is a floor leveller adjustment on the bike as well. I’m yet to use all the programs but so far they have been enjoyable and make you work really hard.


Features: 16 Resistance Levels – 12 Workout Programs – 2 Year ‘all parts covered’ Warranty

Pricing: High End



CrystalTec® Premium Indoor Aerobic Training Review – Number 2

CrystalTecThe CrystalTec® looks a lot more akin to the types of bikes you see in those spin gym classes. I must admit I’ve experienced one of them and no how hard they are so was already slightly concerned about what was in store.

Let’s have a look at some of the main features;

* 22kg Flywheel – High Resistance Capabilities

* Bottle Rack and Aluminium Bottle

* Robust Chain Drive System

* Hand Pulse Sensor

* Max user weight 125kgCrystalTec

* Dimensions: 107cm x 51cm x 115cm (L x W x H)

This one took a little longer to setup but was still only 30 minutes from being unboxed till I could jump on and ride it. As I previously said this is more akin to a spin bike so this doesn’t have different programs instead there is an adjustment on the frame which change the resistance, this goes from easy to pretty much impossible!


Features: Hand Pulse Sensors – Robust Chain Drive System – 22kg Fly Wheel

Price: Affordable



Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike Review – Number 3

UltrasportThis is definitely the no fluff bike it is very basic looking however, this does mean it is ultra portable compared to the other 2. At the end of the day as long as I can get a good workout in I’m not that fussed.


* Foldable exercise bike

* 8 levels of resistance

* Strengthens both your cardiovascular system and muscles

* Modern battery operated LCD display (time, calories, speed, distance, pulse)

* Dimensions: 95 cm (L) x 45 cm (W) x 121 cm (H)Ultrasport 1

This one really is compact you can fold it away and it almost disappears into the corner of the room. This also only features manual resistance change so no fancy programs here. I was also disappointed with the amount of resistance available here – but I can’t say I’m surprised based on the look compared to the other 2.


Features: Folding Design – 8 Levels of Resistance – LCD Display

Price: Low Range




This is definitely one of the easier decisions I’ve had to make and my favourite by far is the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800. It’s easily worth the higher end price tag thanks to it’s ability to have a variety of different programs. All you need to do is select your programme at the start and start riding and it will then change the resistance for you – I really didn’t expect this to be a stand out feature, but low and behold it is. Out of the three I found the Pure Fitness to be of a much sturdier build and this is backed by it’s 2 year ‘all parts covered’ warranty.

So if you are looking to get into shape this year and are wanting an indoor exercise bike then I highly recommend the Pure Fitness and Sports MCL800.

Good luck and have fun on your fitness journey.


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