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Cross Trainers Reviews – The Best Of 2018 – 2019

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Top 5 Home Cross Trainers

Home Cross Trainers are an important asset to the home if you are looking to get some extra exercise when the time arises. The problem with going to the gym for some people, is that they don’t often have the time or the willpower to get there, so sometimes a cross trainer is the only option.

They offer a lot of other benefits as well in terms of less weight on the joints while exercising, as well as the fact they provide many different exercises for a variety of muscles. Some people sign up for gym memberships but they generally get wasted and then end up having to pay the contract for the rest of the year, at least with a cross trainer you can sell it if you know you are not going to use it any more.

It’s hard to pick a good cross trainer from the many on the market though as they all offer a variety of features, but if you are looking for a top quality cross trainer that is going to give you a bit of variety, have a look at the following three which are currently the most popular on the market. The best magnetic exercise bikes here.

Xterra Free Style 5.8e Elliptical Review – Our Number 1

Xterra Free Style 5.8e EllipticalThe Xterra brand has a couple of other cross trainers on the market such as the 4.0e and the 5.6e, but the 5.8e is very feature-rich and surprisingly, is their only cross trainer that includes a heart rate monitor chest strap. When you first come across the Xterra Free Style 5.8e Elliptical Cross Trainer (VIEW PRICE HERE!) you will instantly think “that must be expensive”, and you would almost certainly be right, but it still offers plenty to make up for it. It’s not the first cross trainer that should be purchased if you have little experience with them, but if you have the money to buy one then this one is always an option. If you are interested in getting to know a little bit more about this product, have a look at some of the features it offers below:

  • Variety of programmes – Depending on your current health and fitness, will depend on the program you will want to use whilst exercising. This cross trainer comes with 12 different programmes so you will easily be able to find one that suits your needs, and you will always have a program to give you a bit of a challenge should you be looking for one.
  • 20 levels of resistance – The same as above, this product also comes with 20 levels of resistance so you will easily have a variety of resistance levels to suit your needs.
  • LCD Screen – This cross trainer comes fully equipped with an easy to read backlit LCD screen so you will be able to alter settings and check on your current progress with ease.
  • 181kg max weight – This product is very heavy duty and robust and can cater for someone that weighs up to 181kg, so this product is perfect for the heavy people looking to lose weight.
  • Speakers – If you like your music then you will love this cross trainer. It comes fully equipped with its own speakers and an audio jack so you can listen to your favourite music whilst exercising.

This product is very much expensive and is going to take deep pockets to own one, but what it comes with in terms of features definitely makes up for it. If you are an inexperienced user of cross trainers or you don’t necessarily have a lot of money, this product probably wouldn’t suit your needs. However, if you have used cross trainers previously and they haven’t really lived up to your standards, then this product will make the other cheap cross trainers look really bad. This product should be considered if you are very serious about exercising at home.


Features: 181kg max weight – Speakers – Audio jack – LCD Screen – heart rate chest strap – 20 levels of resistance

Pricing: High-End



JTX Tri-Fit Review – Number 2

JTX Tri-Fit: Extendable Long Stride and InclineThe JTX brand is a well-known one among cross trainer products so they know exactly what it is consumers want. The JTX Tri-Fit Cross Trainer is a good example of how all cross trainer products should be, and with all of the features it provides makes it an excellent asset to the cross trainer industry. The product is in the high-end market but it is worth paying for if you know you are going to get a good use out of it. It certainly isn’t worth paying if you are only going to use it once a month, or if you don’t have any prior experience using cross trainers. Have a look at some of the features this product provides:

  • Variable stride length – The variable stride length is a good additional feature because that means the strides can be shortened or lengthened to suit multiple people.
  • Lifetime frame warranty – Not only does this product come with 2 years home repair warranty as standard, it also has a frame lifetime warranty which just goes to show how confident they are the product is going to last.
  • 19 workout programmes – If you find exercising starts getting a bit easier when using this cross trainer you will easily be able to find a program to make things a bit more of a challenge.
  • Space saver – This product is a lot more compact than other cross trainers on the market and even has patented space saving technology so you know it isn’t going to take up a lot of room.
  • Adjustable resistance – This products resistance can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of your workout.

In terms of features there aren’t many cross trainers on the market that comes close to this one and even though it has a hefty price tag, you can be sure you are going to get an above average experience like a lot of the other cross trainers provide. If you have the money to buy one of these JTX Tri-Fit Cross Trainer products, then you should definitely consider adding this one to your home.


Features: Adjustable resistance – 135kg max weight – Black gloss finish – Lifetime frame guarantee

Pricing: High-End



JTX Strider-X7 Magnetic Review – Number 3

JTX Strider-X7 MagneticThe JTX Strider-X7 Magnetic Cross Trainer is yet another cross trainer from the quality JTX brand. This product is a little more affordable than the Tri-Fit Cross Trainer in their range and it still provides a handful of features that will make your workout experience as easy or as tough as you like. This product is very robust and is built around a frame that is going to last. If you are looking for a new cross trainer that is a little more affordable than some of the others on the market, have a look at this one and some of the features it provides:

  • 2 year home repair warranty – If anything goes wrong with your JTX cross trainer you know you will be in safe hands thanks to the 2 year home repair warranty that is included with the purchase. You will also be happy to know that the frame itself comes with a 5 year guarantee if it happens to break on you.
  • Design your own programmes – Not only does this cross trainer come with 21 default programmes but you will also be able to save 4 of your own programmes which you can use whenever you feel like it – giving you great options for multiple workouts.
  • Adjustable floor pads – If the ground in your home is a little uneven, this product comes with adjustable floor pads so you can level the cross trainer out to suit your needs.
  • Adjustable resistance – This product also comes with 16 levels of resistance so you can have an easy or hard workout depending on your needs.

The JTX brand is a brand that you can trust when you are paying a lot of money for a cross trainer. With all of the features that this one provides means you will have options for more extensive or easy workouts depending on your needs that specific day. This product also comes with plenty of guarantees that will ensure this product lasts for years. You should definitely consider this cross trainer if you are looking for a robust experience and one that will cater for all of your workout needs.


Features: 16 levels of resistance – 21 default programmes – Design your own programmes – Robust – 2 year home repair guarantee

Pricing: Mid-Range



Sportstech CX610 Professional Review – Number 4

Sportstech CX610 ProfessionalTheSportstech brand isn’t exactly a popular choice when it comes to home exercise equipment, but their Sportstech CX610 Professional Cross Trainer does have a lot of features and qualities to give it a chance. This cross trainer has all of the features from big anti-slip pedals to multiple programmes to suit your workout needs. If you are looking for a cross trainer that has all of the little features as well as some of the important ones, have a look at this cross trainer and all of the features it provides:

  • Tablet holder – The tablet holder is a great addition to any cross trainer because it ensures workouts are not boring. This product comes with its own app so you can use Google Maps to enhance your workout so it will be like you are running outside.
  • Pulse belt – The pulse belt technology will ensure your heart gets monitored throughout your workout, so you will easily be able to see some of the important statistics during exercise.
  • 12 programmes – There are 12 pre-programmed workouts that come equipped with this machine so you will have a program for all of your exercising requirements.
  • Automatic resistance system – When using this product with its app it will automatically control the resistance as if you were running through tougher terrain or uphill.
  • Transport wheels – It may only be a simple feature, but the transport wheels situated on the bottom of the frame will make sure it is easy to transport into storage once you’ve finished using it.

The brand name Sportstech isn’t very popular but that doesn’t mean the Sportstech CX610 Professional Cross Trainer shouldn’t be considered – it has everything a good quality cross trainer should have and much more. If you are looking for a cross trainer that has some of the features of a high-end product, then you should consider this one as it comes at the fraction of the cost.


Features: Large pedals – Transport wheels – Built-in app – Tablet holder – Bottle holder

Pricing: Mid-Range



V-Fit MCCT1 Combination Review – Number 5

V-Fit MCCT1 Combination 2-in-1 Magnetic CycleThe V-Fit MCCT1 Combination Magnetic Cycle & Elliptical Trainer is where cross training starts getting interesting. This one has a built-in 2 in 1 feature so you will be able to use it like a standard cross trainer or as an exercise bike depending on your exercise requirements. This product also comes with many other features that will make your workout experience a little more unique, and you can see some of those features below:

  • Adjustable resistance – This product has a simple dial that will allow you to change the resistance between 8 different levels, giving you a much easier or harder workout whenever you want one.
  • Monitor – The screen monitor will let you play around with 8 different functions and it will display all of the important data when you are exercising.
  • Synchronised handlebars – The synchronised handlebars will ensure you are safe at all times and in full control of your workout.
  • Adjustable saddle – The adjustable saddle feature is great for those that have multiple people in their household that will use it at different times.

The V-Fit MCCT1 2 in 1 cross trainer will make it easy for you to workout multiple muscles at the same time, and with all of the other features it provides certainly gives all of the other cross trainers on the market something to think about. If you are looking for something a little bit more affordable and simple when compared with other higher-end products, you should definitely give this V-Fit product a shot.


Features: Adjustable saddle – Monitor screen – Synchronised handlebars – Robust

Pricing: Affordable




All five products above offer something else their competitors do not, and they are all well worth the price tags they are on offer for. But when you look at Xterra Free Style 5.8e Elliptical Cross Trainer, it is quite clearly the more expensive of the five products but it definitely offers a lot more, so it’s always worth paying that bit extra.

So if we have to pick one out of the list that would be the best option, it would certainly be the Xterra, it has plenty of features, programs, and resistance levels to give you a hard workout whenever you seek one.


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