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Top 3 Burr Coffee Grinders On The Market

Waking up to the smell of coffee is a pleasure for almost anyone, however, for the coffee lovers out there; this aroma is bliss. A good coffee grinder is an ideal product for everyone. Whether they are a serious coffee drinker or just a casual, a burr coffee grinder is a great gift.

You can get various different types of coffee grinders, manual grinders, inline grinders, blade grinders and burr coffee grinders. Burr coffee grinders provide the best result.

Here are three of the best burr coffee grinders currently on the market;

Krups Expert Pro Grinder Review – Our Number 1

Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi GrinderFrom Kurps, a well known manufacturer in the home and kitchen space comes their premium pro grinder (lowest price here). This product has a whole host of features and settings for you to sink your teeth into!

  • Ground texture selection, you can choose the coarseness of the coffee bean you grind
  • Professional level burr milling system for high quality results
  • Select the number of cups on the control panel
  • Removable coffee container for easy access and cleaning

Over all a very high quality product in the line up today.



Bodum Bistro Grinder Review – Number 2

Bodum Bistro Grinder ReviewBodum are well known in the kitchen space for the innovative coffee products. They make high quality appliances which all surround the coffee industry, The Bodum Grinder follows this trait of premium products and doesn’t fail to impress!

  • Hold up to 220g of coffee beans
  • Grind the exact amount of coffee you need by pressing a button and setting the timer and walking away!
  • Adjustable grind level to grind the coffee exactly how you want it; whether its espresso or French coffee you’re after, The Bodum Bistro will certainly deliver!
  • Friction clutch included to prevent damage on the grinding gears
  • Borosilicate glass catcher which reduces static when the ground coffee us falling

Another very good grinder from Bodum. This has some great features and it also makes an ideal gift for any coffee lover!



Baratza Encore Review – Number 3

Baratza Encore ReviewBaratza’s Encore is another decent coffee grinder, hence making it to the top 3. The Encore has a good set of features considering it is a premium product.

  • 227g capacity – holding a good amount of coffee beans at once
  • Grinds absolutely fine and coarse, so you can enjoy an espresso or a nice cup of French press
  • Rapid grinding – from 0.8g to 1.1g second
  • Manual grinding process

While The Encore is a premium product, it also carries a pretty hefty price tag.




Overall, The Krups Expert Pro is the best choice for a burr grinder. It has some great features, it carries a decent amount of coffee, and it comes at an affordable price!


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