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Best Ultrasonic Cleaners – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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Updated top products 1st September 2019

Top 3 Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaners are the products that make cleaning small metal products easy. Whether you are in a professional trade that needs to sterilise metal equipment in a medical clinic, or even just a personal cleaner of their own jewellery, you can be sure using an ultrasonic cleaner is going to make light work of it.

The products themselves are often very easy to use, as you simply fill them with water and solution and put your metal products in for them to clean. They all come with a variety of features and settings for a variety of uses, and depending on your need for them will depend on the price you pay for one. If you are not too sure where to start when looking for your first ultrasonic cleaner, have a look at the three below which are currently three of the best and most sought of products on the market.

James Products Ultra 8020 Ultrasonic Cleaner Review – Our Number 1

James ProductsThe James Products brand has been around for a few years now and has released many ultrasonic cleaners onto the market. The James Products Ultra 8020 Ultrasonic Cleaner (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is one of those ultrasonic cleaners, and it is one that can provide a cleaning solution to a variety of metals. Whether you are looking to clean small jewellery, or bigger objects such as glasses, the James Products Ultra 8020 Ultrasound Cleaner will allow you to do that with ease. Have a look at some of the other uses this product has:

  • 2 Litre tank – A large 2 litre tank is more than enough space to clean a variety of metal objects.
  • Multiple programs – This ultrasound cleaner comes with 5 different pre-set programs so you’ll easily be able to adjust to a program to suit the needs of the application.
  • Automatic shut off – The automatic shut off feature is a great feature because it doesn’t matter if it’s turned off after every use – it will do that itself, making it even more eco-friendly.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning – A lot of ultrasonic cleaners use solutions and chemicals to operate and clean a variety of metals, but the James Products Ultrasound Cleaner only takes advantage of warm water, making it one of the most eco-friendly ultrasound cleaners on the market.

This product from James Products will make your life a lot easier when cleaning small metal products. It can cater for a variety of metal products and is one of the most eco-friendly ultrasonic cleaners on the market thanks to the fact it comes with auto shut off features. If you are truly looking for a good quality ultrasonic cleaner product that is going to make your life easy, you should definitely consider the James Products Ultra 8020 Ultrasonic Cleaner.


Features: Auto shut-off – Eco-friendly cleaning – Multiple programs – 2 litre tank

Pricing: High-End



GT Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Review – Number 2

GT ProfessionalThe GT Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner is yet another cleaner on the market that offers eco-friendly operation. It doesn’t need any chemicals to clean parts, so simply adding water is all it takes to clean metals until they are shining again. This product is very durable so you can be sure of a long lasting experience, and with some of the components built into its design, you can be sure you are going to get a product that works quickly and effectively. Have a look at some of the features the GT Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner provides:

  • No solutions required – You’ll not have to add any solution to this ultrasonic cleaner before operating, as it only needs warm tap water to operate. This makes this product much more eco-friendly than some of the other ultrasonic cleaners on the market.GT Sonic Ultrasonic
  • 2 Litre capacity – A handy 2 litre water capacity ensures it has more than enough space to clean small jewellery to bigger metal products. As long as you can fit a metal product in the cleaner, then it’ll be able to clean it with ease.
  • Adjustable timer – There is an adjustable timer setting which can easily be adjusted by using the small knob on the front. You can choose any time between 0-15 minutes, so you’ll always have a time setting to suit the needs of the metal you are cleaning.
  • Strengthened Transducer – The transducer integrated with this ultrasonic design offers a lot more power than many other cleaners on the market thanks to its 40 KHz capabilities.

This product is rich in terms of features and it will make light work of cleaning almost any metal component, so long as it is able to fit in the very spacious 2 litre capacity compartment. This product is perfect for both domestic and commercial users thanks to the power and efficient cleaning it provides. If you are looking for a simple and more affordable ultrasonic cleaner on the market, you should definitely consider this one.


Features: 2 Litre capacity – Strengthened 40 khz transducer – Adjustable timer – Eco-friendly product

Pricing: Mid-Range



Flourean 600ml Digital Display Ultrasonic Cleaner Review – Number 3

FloureanThere aren’t many products in the ultrasonic cleaning category that are in the affordable price bracket, but the Flourean 600ml Digital Display Ultrasonic Cleaner is definitely one of them. This handy product still has the same features as some of the products in the mid-range price bracket, so it’s definitely one to consider for domestic cleaners. Have a look at some of the features the Flourean 600ml Digital Display Ultrasonic Cleaner has to offer its consumers:

  • Auto shut off – The auto shut off is a common feature on a variety of ultrasonic cleaners these days, so it isn’t exactly anything unique to shout about. But it is certainly a product that offers convenience, because if the product is forgotten about for 3 minutes then it will automatically shut off, making it energy efficient and very safe to work with in all environments.Flourean 600ml
  • 600ml Capacity – You’ll certainly not be able to fit any massive metal parts in this Ultrasonic Cleaner, but you’ll still be able to clean a handful of medium sized parts with ease thanks to its 600ml capacity.
  • Noise reduction technology – This product is half as noisy as a lot of the other sound intensive ultrasonic cleaners on the market thanks to the cover that is used to break the sound up.
  • Multiple free accessories – This product comes with its own basket so you’ll be able to put smaller items like jewellery in the cleaner with ease, and it also comes with its own watch stand specifically designed to hold watches in place to give them an intensive clean.
  • Powerful cleaning technology – This product is built around a 40 KHz Transducer which ensures cleaning is done efficiently and quickly.

In terms of features, this product doesn’t really do a lot other than clean items like it is supposed to. If you are looking for a product with a host of features then you’ll definitely want to consider one of the products above instead, but if you just want an affordable ultrasonic cleaner that you can use every so often at home, then this product can be considered.


Features: Free basket – Free watch stand – 40 KHz Transducer – 600ml Capacity – Noise reducing technology

Pricing: Affordable




The Flourean 600 ml Digital Display Ultrasonic Cleaner would be the best bet for a home ultrasonic cleaner if you are looking for something affordable, but it doesn’t really offer a lot in terms of features like the other two in the list do. The GT Professional Ultrasonic cleaner could be considered if you want a feature-rich ultrasonic cleaner that has professional working hardware, but it seems to be a little more expensive than some of the other ultrasonic cleaners out there. So that just leaves the James Products Ultra High 8020 Ultrasonic Cleaner that may seem expensive to some people, but it’s the only one in this list worth investing in thanks to its commercial use, and it’s definitely one that can be considered for home use as well.



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