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Best Telescopic Ladders – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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Top 3 Telescopic Ladders

Whether you are in a trade that requires a ladder to work at heights, or you simply find yourself needing a ladder for domestic use, having a telescopic ladder at your disposal will make your job a lot easier. Not only are telescopic ladders built to be as robust as traditional ladders, but they are also often made from aluminium material so they are very lightweight and easy to transport. A lot of the telescopic ladders on the market today have a variety of features that makes the whole extension process easy, so setting up ladders can be done within a matter of seconds.

There are many telescopic ladders available on the market, and many of them promise be able to offer a safe all-round experience, but some of them do not live up to their promises. The obvious way to find a telescopic ladder that is reliable would be to go with a brand you can trust, but another way is to have a look at the three telescopic ladders below, which are currently receiving many positive reviews for their robust experience.

Charles Bentley 3.2M Telescopic Extendable Ladder Review – Our Number 1

Charles BentleyThe Charles Bentley Telescopic Ladder range (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is certainly one you can trust thanks to their robust structures and ease of use. Telescopic ladders are currently the most popular designed ladders because they are lightweight and easy to setup to a height that is easier for you to work from, so having a look at the Charles Bentley 3.2M Telescopic Extendable Ladder could be the best thing you do. Have a look at some of the features this popular telescopic ladder provides:

  • Fully assembled – This ladder comes fully assembled so you’ll not have to worry about anything other than getting it out of the package and using it straight away.
  • Safety indicators – The rungs have indicators on them so you’ll know if they are safe to work on.Charles Bentley
  • Rung by rung extension – As with a lot of telescopic ladders on the market, this one is also rung by rung extendable so you’ll easily be able to work from a height that is easier for you.
  • Lightweight – This product is not only very easy to store, but it’s also very lightweight and only weighs 9kg, so you can be sure it isn’t going to be strenuous work transporting the ladder around site or at home.
  • Robust – This product is designed from tough aluminium which keeps the product lightweight, but still gives it the robust factor so that it can still carry a maximum load of 150kg.
  • Easy to use – Not only is the product itself very lightweight and easy to transport, but it’s also very easy to extend and pack away after every use. There is no long waits to extend the ladder, and it will only take you a matter of seconds of getting it out of the vehicle to being extended to where it needs to be.

The Charles Bentley Telescopic Ladder isn’t the cheapest telescopic ladder on the market, but it does offer a lot in terms of features and ease of use. If you are looking for a lightweight telescopic ladder that is easy to transport and store away after every use, you should definitely consider this Charles Bentley Telescopic Ladder.


Features: Rung by rung extendable – Easy to store – Lightweight – Robust

Pricing: Mid-Range



SOTECH 3.8M Telescopic Ladder Review – Number 2

SOTECH 3.8MIf you are looking for something just as similar as the Charles Bentley Telescopic Ladder, the SOTECH 3.8M Telescopic Ladder would be a fantastic alternative. It’s a tiny bit more expensive than the Charles Bentley, and it more or less offers the same service, but if for some reason the Charles Bentley isn’t your cup of tea, have a look at this SOTECH Telescopic Ladder and the features it provides:

  • 8M Extendable – The Charles Bentley is only able to reach a height of 3.2M, so having an extra 60CM to play with could be a bonus for the work you need to carry out.
  • Free carry bag – This product also comes with a free carry bag which is just going to make transportation even easier.
  • Rolling bearing system – This ladder design is based on a rolling bearing system which ensures it can be extended rung by rung with ease.SOTECH
  • 80cm when collapsed – This ladder can easily fit in the back of a small van or car thanks to the fact it can be collapsed and take up no more space than 80cm in length.
  • Versatile – As this product is based on the popular rung by rung extendable technology, it means that not only will you be able to work at heights of 3.8 metres, but you’ll also be able to extend the ladder to each height of the rungs so you’ll be able to work at a height convenient for you without the rest of the ladder getting in the way.

There are a couple of benefits this SOTECH ladder provides over the Charles Bentley, and that’s the fact it can be extended higher and it comes with a free carry bag to make transportation easier. The obvious choice would be to go with Charles Bentley because of the brand name, but with the features this SOTECH product provides, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be considered.


Features: Rolling bear system – Free carry bag – 3.8M Extendable

Pricing: Mid-Range



Nestling Telescopic Ladder Review – Number 3

NestlingThe Nestling brand isn’t one of the popular brands out there, but their Telescopic Ladder range certainly offers a robust and safe experience for their consumers. Whether you are looking for a ladder for professional or domestic use, this multi-purpose ladder from Nestling will make your job easier. Have a look at some of the features this handy Telescopic Ladder provides:

  • Stabilizer bar – This telescopic ladder is built with balance in mind, which is why it comes with a stabilizer bar to keep the ladder stable at all times.
  • 150kg max weight – This ladder is very robust and cater for up to 150kg of weight, which makes it perfect for heavy users needing to work at height with heavy tools.
  • Anti-slip feet – The feet are anti-slip which makes this ladder perfect to use in all weathers.Nestling® Multi-Purpose
  • Lightweight – This telescopic ladder weighs 11.5kg, making it one of the most lightweight ladders on the market.
  • Step by step extendable – This ladder is step by step extendable, which means you only have to extend to each step to make it the perfect height for your working requirements.

In conclusion, this telescopic ladder from Nestling is slightly cheaper than the SOTECH and Charles Bentley, but it’s not exactly a well-known brand. When buying a ladder you always need to make sure it’s with a brand you can trust, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trust Nestling as they are quickly gaining popularity as one of the best telescopic ladder distributers around, and you will always get a safe working experience with them. You still get what you pay for though, in a good robust ladder that is going to do everything you need it to. This ladder should definitely be considered if you are looking for a telescopic ladder which is a little more affordable.


Features: Step by step extendable – Anti-slip feet – Lightweight – Robust – 150kg max load

Pricing: Affordable




All three telescopic ladders are roughly the same price, but if you were looking for one that is more affordable, the Nestling Telescopic Ladder would be the obvious choice. They all more or less have the same features and are built using the same materials, giving them a robust nature. But if you had to pick one from the three, it would have to be the Charles Bentley, mainly because it is one of the more well-known brand when it comes to Telescopic Ladders.


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