Best Manual Folding Treadmills - Reviews 2015 - 2016

Best Manual Folding Treadmills – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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Updated top products 2nd September 2019

Top 3 Manual Folding Treadmills

Manual folding treadmills are great for those looking for an intensive workout at home, as they often only have the ability to go with the speed of the user. Some manual treadmills also come with the automated belt so you can get the best of both worlds should you require a workout that is a little easier. There are thousands of treadmills on the market currently and they all promise to be able to offer the robust experience you are looking for, but some of them usually fail at the first hurdle.

If you are truly looking for a robust experience from a manual folding treadmill, then it’s important you invest in the right products that will give you exactly what you need. If you are unsure of what you need and you don’t know what treadmill to get because there are some of them on the market, have a look at the three below which are currently the most popular. Best cross trainers here.

V-Fit MTT1 Self-Powered Folding Review – Our Number 1

V-fit MTT1 Self-Powered Folding The great thing about buying a manual folding treadmill over a powered one is that you will get the intensive workout you are craving for, but you will also get it at a much more affordable price. This is proven with the V-Fit MTT1 Self-Powered Folding Treadmill (VIEW PRICE HERE!) – it more or less has a lot of the high-end features but it is much more affordable because it doesn’t have the powered technology. This product comes with a handy LCD screen that will ensure you are up to date with your workout statistics, such as your speed, distance, calories lost etc. If you are interested in getting to know a bit more about the V-Fit MTT1 product, have a look at some of the features it provides below:

  • LCD Monitor – The LCD Monitor located at the front of the treadmill will make sure you have the ability to check on all of your important workout stats. The monitor itself has 5 different functions for you to take advantage of.
  • Transport wheels – Folding away this treadmill and storing it away is easy thanks to its folding capabilities and the transport wheels that come with it.
  • Frame decline – The treadmill comes with an 8% incline so you will easily be able to get the more intensive workouts whenever you want one.
  • Robust – This product is very robust thanks to its steel tubular frame, so anyone weighing under 100kg will be able to use this treadmill with ease.V-fit MTT1 Self-Powered Folding
  • Includes tools – This product requires basic self home assembly and you will be provided with the necessary tools to make that easy.

This product from V-Fit was designed to do exactly what it does do, and that is to provide you with an easy self-powered jogging exercise at home. It certainly doesn’t have a lot of features when compared with other manual treadmills on the market, but the price you pay for this one is the fraction of the cost of others. The manual treadmills that come with folding capabilities don’t come much cheaper than this one and if you are looking for a simple treadmill experience without paying over the odds for one, you should consider the V-Fit MTT1 Self-Powered Folding Treadmill for your home workout needs.


Features: Foldable – Transportation wheels – Steel tubular frame – LCD Monitor –8% Fixed Frame Decline – Robust

Pricing: Mid-Range



Confidence Fitness Magnetic Review – Number 2

Confidence Fitness Magnetic
The Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill definitely doesn’t come across as anything fancy because of its basic design, but it will give you a simple running experience a lot of the other manual treadmills in its market can’t. This product is not only very simple but it also comes in a robust design that will be able to cater for people weighing up to 100kg, so you can be sure of a sturdy experience. If you are looking for a simple manual treadmill, have a look at this one and some of the features it is able to offer:

  • Quiet operation – The smooth operation of this manual treadmill will ensure it’s a lot quieter than a lot of the other treadmills on the market.
  • 8 adjustable levels –
    8 adjustable levels will see to it that you get a good challenge on your hands whenever you need one. You can also set it to an easy level if you just want a long jog.
  • Fixed incline – The gentle fixed incline was introduced so you get a good workout every time you exercise. It’s only on a slight angle so running isn’t too strenuous; you can easily adjust the levels tConfidence Fitness Magnetico s
    uit your needs if it gets too easy.
  • Easy to use computer – The computer at the front of this treadmill has multiple functions. You will be able to see all of the important features for that specific workout, such as the speed, distance, burned calories, and your time.
  • Built in wheels – The built-in wheels will make transportation and storage easy, and with its lightweight design you will be able to move it from one room to the next with ease.
  • Space saving technology – This product was designed to be as compact as possible when in its folded or normal state, so you can be sure it isn’t going to take up as much space as the bigger and bulkier treadmills.

In conclusion, this product is very basic and only has a few features, but it does offer a very simple jogging workout so you don’t have to worry about anything else other than exercising. Simply pull this manual treadmill out and unlock its pin to unfold it, then reverse the action to store it away again – it doesn’t get much more simple than that. All in all, if you are looking for a really simple treadmill experience, you should consider this product and the basic features it provides.


Features: Smooth operation – Space saving technology – Built-in wheels – Easy to use – Fixed incline

Pricing: Affordable



Body Sculpture Manual Review – Number 3

Body Sculpture Manual The Body Sculpture brand are fairly popular when it comes to treadmills so you know you are going to get a good product in the Body Sculpture Manual Treadmill that is going to last. Manual treadmills are excellent products for those looking for an inexpensive treadmill option, and they will get an intensive workout should you want one. If you are on the hunt for a new manual treadmill, have a look at some of this features this Body Sculpture provides:

  • Foldable – This treadmill is very much foldable and thanks to its slim design it can be stored in the smallest of spaces with ease.
  • Transport wheels – Some handy transport wheels are located underneath the treadmill so you will easily be able to transport from room to room easily.
  • Monitor – A simple monitor display is on the front so you will be able to judge how well your workout is going thanks to the handy stats it displays. Time, speed, and distances are just some on the stats that you can find out.Body Sculpture Manual
  • Lightweight – This product still weighs 25kg but it’s still very lightweight when compared with a lot of the other treadmills on the market. This means that transporting and storing the treadmill away is very easy and can be done by one person.
  • Easy to use – This product is great for inexperienced manual treadmill users because it doesn’t take a lot to setup and get going. Simply unfold it, do your workout and then fold it and store it away again.

In conclusion, this product is very affordable when compared with similar products in its range and if you are looking for a sturdy experience when working out at home then it doesn’t come much better than this. Buying a manual treadmill with the Body Sculpture brand will ensure you are well looked after so this product should be considered if you are looking for a simple, but good, all-round treadmill experience.


Features: Easy to use – Transport wheels – Foldable – Lightweight – Robust – Sturdy

Pricing: Affordable




All three products above offer a good robust experience so depending on what you are looking for feature wise will ultimately depend on the product you choose. The product that stands out the most in this list is the V-Fit MTT1 Self-Powered Folding Treadmill, and even though it is the more expensive option of the three it definitely offers a lot more in terms of features. If you are on the lookout for a new inexpensive manual treadmill, then all of the products above can be considered, but the V-Fit MTT1 would be the obvious option.


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