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Best Food Steamers – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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Updated top products 2nd September 2019

Top 3 Food Steamers

Steaming your food is the healthiest method of cooking. Cooking methods such as boiling tend to leach some of the inner nutrients out of your food so you experience less benefits, but steamers lock in nutrients and flavour to ensure you get as much as possible out of your food. Steamers also don’t require any oil to heat up your food making it an ideal cooking method if you want to lower cholesterol and/or lose weight.

You may associate food steamers with vegetables and vegetables alone, but you’ll find that they can actually be used to cook a wide variety of foods and even entire meals. If your steamer comes with a rice bowl it is an effective and easy way of cooking perfect rice every time without having to invest in a rice cooker, if it has multiple compartments you can use it to cook entire meals and most steamers are able to cook meat, fish, fruit and grains in addition to vegetables.

If you want to invest in a food steamer read on for our guide to the top 3 steamers available on the market right now!

Morphy Richards Intellisteam Review – Our Number 1

Morphy Richards IntellisteamThis impressive food steamer can be used to cook an entire meal for up to four people! Read on to find out more.

  • The Morphy Richards Intellisteam (VIEW PRICE HERE!) makes cooking easier than ever. This steamer has three separate cooking compartments which can be used to cook different foods at the same time to protect against contamination. This steamer will start heating the food compartment which requires the longest cooking time first so all of your food is ready at the same time, ensuring that nothing ends up over or undercooked.
  • The Morphy Richards 48781 comes with pre-programmed guides specifically designed for different foods such as fish, vegetables, sauces and rice which will ensure that all compartments are cooked to perfection and will remove all the guess work and possible mistakes.Morphy Richards Intellisteam
  • This steamer also gives you the option to personalise these pre-programmed settings to suit your personal taste, so if you like your vegetables a little crunchier you can reduce the scheduled cooking time for that compartment to create your ideal meal. The Morphy Richards Intellisteam will remember the last setting you used and will select it again automatically so you can create a truly personalised steaming experience.
  • This steamer comes with a free rice tray, sauce tray, detachable dividing all and food plinth to help you create a huge variety of meals for the entire family.
  • The Morphy Richards Intelliseam comes with a user-friendly digital display which clearly shows the remaining cooking time for each separate food compartment so you know exactly when your food is going to be ready and you don’t need to keep checking up on it.
  • This steamer includes a ‘keep-warm’ function which will automatically keep your cooked food hot for up to 40 minutes after cooking.
  • The Morphy Richards Intellisteam includes a visible water gauge which lets you keep an eye on water levels through the entire process. If you need to top up the water when the food is already cooking there is a handy external top-up option so you can add more water without disturbing your meal.
  • This steamer is very easy to clean as all accessories, containers and the drip tray are dishwasher safe.
  • The Morphy Richards Intellisteam 48781 can be easily stored away when not in use. All accessories fit easily within the bowl and the cord can be stored underneath so you can just stick it in a cupboard until next time.


Features: 3 Individual Cooking Compartments – Pre-Programmed Settings – Adjustable Settings – Accessories – User Friendly – Keep Warm Function – Visible Water Gauge – Easy to Top Up Water Levels – Easy to Clean – Compact.

Pricing: Mid-Range/ High-End.



Russell Hobbs 21140 Three Tier Review – Number 2

Russell Hobbs This affordable food steamer can help you create nutritious and tasty meals without the extra fuss. Read on to find out more.

  • If you hate washing up then this may be the steamer for you. The Russell Hobbs steamer has a 3 tier stacked basket system which lets you cook different foods at the same time without having to use multiple pots and pans. This will save you space as well as washing up and you’ll waste less water in the process!
  • This steamer has a total capacity of 9 litres which will let you cook entire meals in one go.
  • The Russell Hobbs 21140 steamer comes with a turbo steam ring which will create steam in less than 40 seconds in order to speed up the cooking process.
  • This steamer includes a 1 litre rice bowl and egg holders.
  • You can use the Russell Hobbs 21140 to cook rice, fish and vegetables for well rounded, healthy meals.
  • It is very easy to use this steamer. All you have to do is fill with a maximum 1.3 litres of cold water, make sure everything is in place and leave it to steam. This steamer will cook food for up to 60 minutes in one go.
  • This steamer comes with a timer which will alert you when your food is done. This will ensure your food is cooked to perfection whilst you free up your time to concentrate on other things.


Features: 3 Tier Stacked Baskets – 9 Litre Capacity – Turbo Steam Ring – Accessories – Easy to Use – Timer.

Pricing: Affordable



Tefal Simply Invents Review – Number 3

Tefal Simply This mid range food steamer has all the necessary options without the hefty price tag. Read on to find out more.

  • The Tefal VC101616 includes an automatic keep warm function which will keep your food hot until you’re ready to eat it.
  • The Tefal VC101616 has three separate steaming tiers which can be used to cook a variety of foods and whole meals in one go without leaving you with a pile of washing up.
  • This steamer is very compact and easy to store when not in use. The steaming bowls store neatly in the base of this machine so it can be put away in any small/medium sized cupboard.
  • The Tefal VC101616 comes with a mechanical manual timer which you can adjust depending on how crunchy or soft you want your food.
  • This steamer has a generous 9L capacity.


Features: Keep Warm Function – 3 Tier – Compact – Mechanical Manual Timer – 9L Capacity.

Pricing: Mid-Range.





These are all excellent food steamers which will help you make healthier, less calorific choices without compromising on taste. We are sure you would be happy with any of these models but one does stand out beyond the rest. The  Morphy Richards Intellisteam 48781 Food Steamer wins this review because it simply offers more;  it will heat the compartments separately depending on cooking time so everything is cooked to perfection every time, it has pre-programmed cooking options so you can simply press a button and leave your food to cook, you can also adjust the scheduled cooking times according to taste,  it has a keep warm function, it is easy to add more water if needed without disturbing the cooking process and this steamer is very easy to clean and store.


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