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Best Fan Heaters – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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Top 3 Fan Heaters

Fan heaters provide owners with an easy way for consumers to heat small rooms without having to turn on the heating. They often use a fair amount of energy, but as you save energy from not using the boiler to heat the whole house, it is a much more eco-friendly product.

A lot of consumers use fan heaters in offices and in rooms such as the living room where everybody is together, which saves putting the heating on to heat the rest of the house that isn’t being used. Fan heaters come with a variety of features and can be expensive depending on what you need, but they all do the job they are supposed to and will keep the rooms heated until they are no longer needed. If you are looking for a new fan heater for whatever purpose, have a look at the three below, as they are currently the ones that are receiving positive reviews from many consumers worldwide.

Honeywell HZ-510E Heavy Duty Fan Heater Review – Our Number 1

Honeywell HZ-510EThe Honeywell HZ-510E Heavy Duty Fan Heater (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is inexpensive compared to its competitors, and it still gives off the power needed to heat small to medium sized room. This is a professional product that can be used at home or in a small office, and its silent operation will ensure it isn’t going to cause any disturbances. Have a look at some of the other features that come with this popular fan heater:

  • Guaranteed for 3 years – This product comes equipped with a 3 year guarantee so you can be sure it is great value for money in he sense it is going to last a long time.
  • Multiple safety features – This product not only comes with an indicator that shows whether the heater is hot or not, but it also comes with a handy tip over prevention feature that automatically shuts the heater off if it gets tipped over. This fan heater also comes with an overheat prevention feature that will shut the heater off if something is blocking the heat in.
  • Wide heat dispersion – This product is perfect for bigger rooms because of its wider heat dispersion than other products on the market.
  • Variable heat setting – This fan heater can be changed to a temperature to suit your needs and no matter what setting you use, you can be sure its operation is going to be quiet.

This Honeywell Fan Heater is a great buy for the home or office and with its many features will ensure you get a fan heater that is great value for money, especially seeing as it comes with a 3 year guarantee too. This product should definitely be considered if you always find a big room in the house doesn’t keep the heat well, as this heater will keep the room a nice consistent temperature to suit your needs.


Features: Quiet operation – Variable heat setting – Wide heat dispersion – 3 year guarantee

Pricing: Mid-Range



De’Longhi HTF3033 Fan Heater Review – Number 2

De’Longhi HTF3033The De’Longhi HTF3033 Fan Heater is very basic when compared with other fan heaters on the market, but don’t let that put you off as it comes with a handful of features that will make heating smaller rooms very simple. The De’Longhi brand is a trusted brand that offers many products in a variety of industries, so if you are looking for a reliable fan heater, a good start would be this one. Have a look at some of the features this product offers:

  • 12 months guarantee – This product comes with a handy 12 months guarantee and the cost of this product is already very cheap, so you know you are going to get excellent value for money.
  • Multiple heat settings – This product is only very basic but it still comes with a few heat settings for you to choose from depending on your needs.You will be able to choose between three heat settings and as this product comes with thermostat technology, you can be sure your rooms will be heated consistently.De'longhi
  • Safety features – This De’Longhi fan heater comes with a overheat feature so if anything is blocking its heat dispersion it will automatically shut off. A frost protection feature is also present so you can be sure it is going to work in all conditions regardless of the room’s temperature.
  • Thermostat enabled – There aren’t many fan heaters on the market that can offer thermostat for the price you pay for this product. Thermostat will ensure your room is heated to the right temperature to suit your needs.

It doesn’t get much better than De’Longhi when it comes to any product you buy, so adding the De’Longhi HTF3033 Fan Heater to any room in your house will suit your needs perfectly if you are looking for a reliable fan heater.


Features: Frost & Overheat Prevention –12 months guarantee – Thermostat – Multiple heat settings

Pricing: Affordable



Dimplex 2 KW Electric Fan Heater Review – Number 3

Dimplex 2 KWThe Dimplex brand isn’t one of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to fan heaters, but what you get with the Dimplex 2 KW Electric Fan Heater in terms of features and guarantee means it is one of the best value for money fan heaters around. Have a look at some of the features this basic fan heater provides:

  • Thermostat control – If you are looking for a cheap fan heater that can provide the thermostat feature, then it doesn’t get much better than this very affordable Dimplex product.
  • Cool blow – This fan heater will not only heat the room to your desired temperature consistently, but for when a room gets too hot it also has the ability to blow cold air to cool the room down – making it perfect for the summer.
  • 3 year guarantee – This Dimplex product is guaranteed for 3 years which makes it one of the best value for money fan heaters on the market. If you run into any problems with your affordable Dimplex fan heater, simply get in contact with Dimplex and they will repair or replace the product.
  • Overheat prevention – The overheat prevention feature is one of the best safest features when it comes to fan heaters. This product will automatically shut off if it gets too hot or there is an object blocking its dispersion area.
  • Neon indicator – The neon indicator is a simple feature but it will let you know when the fan heater is in operation.

An included 3 year guarantee for a fan heater this affordable is unheard of, so it’s a product that is always worth considering knowing you are going to get a product that is going to last one way or the other. Dimplex is becoming a popular brand in the fan heater market, and with basic products such as this one it’s only a matter of time before they become competitive. This product is perfect for homes with small rooms as with the thermostat feature it will keep rooms consistently heated.


Features: Thermostat adjustable – 3 year guarantee – Cool blow setting – Overheat protection

Pricing: Affordable



TheDimplex 2 KW Fan Heater would be the obvious option for consumers wanting an affordable fan heater with good guarantee promises. But the Honeywell HZ-510E Heater would be the perfect option for those looking to heat bigger rooms quickly and efficiently. It’s always worth paying the extra money for a fan heater you know is going to not only last, but also save you money on heating bills. This is why the Honeywell Fan Heater gets the vote from the other two in this list.




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